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can kidney disease be cured-How I got off kidney dialysis and cured my kidney disease

can kidney disease be cured.

can kidney disease be cured This is how I got off “kidney” dialysis and cured my kidney disease (this is the program I followed)

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I have been suffering from Kidney problems for twelve years, due to constant urinary infections.
When my kidney failed, In 2011, I had to start kidney dialysis.
The kidney specialists that I had seen said that my kidney function will get worse and within 2 years I would have needed a kidney transplant. In June 2012 my kidney function was at 9% (stage 5) my Creatinine was at 705 (60 – 125), Urea was at 55 (2.5 – 6.5) and my Calcium was at 1.70 (2.13 – 2.63), so low that I was getting fluid build-up.
I was dialyzing Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
They said I needed a kidney transplant.
After a kidney transplant you have to take over 120 tablets per week for the first 2 years and then 3 tablets per day for the rest of your life.
When I was told I needed to do tests in August for kidney transplant I stepped up my researches.
And that’s how I found this program.

So I got all the information from my research along with this program, and I followed it step by step.
It was unbelievable, within 7 weeks my kidney function went from 9% (stage 5) to 21% (stage 4), Creatinine was at 388 (60 – 125), Urea was at 19 (2.13 – 2.63) and Calcium was at 2.44 (2.13 – 2.63).
I was on dialysis only on Saturday.
The kidney specialists, doctors, and nurses, are amazed and confused at the same time at how can this be.
But this is not all.
Today, I’m no longer on dialysis. I know that this sounds too good to be true. Everybody was astonished by these results, the doctors, my family, everybody.
I was able to get off dialysis completely.
So I want to publicly say thanks to Duncan Capicchiano for his great program.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Micheal Wright


How I got off kidney dialysis and cured my kidney disease
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