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This website is dedicated to my Dad who undergone kidney dialysis for 5 years. I created this website because I want to share the challenges I had in my journey handling kidney dialysis who can’t afford dialysis treatment and kidney transplant. For more of my story

If you have impaired kidneys or undergoing dialysis and you are looking for a comprehensive and honest review of “The Kidney Disease Solution” guide from kidney disease expert Duncan Capicchiano then you have reached the right page.

Before I continue, I just want to clarify that I will be giving you my experienced and honest review of Duncan Capicchiano the kidney disease solution guide.  What you are about to read are the IMPORTANT details you need to know before getting a copy of the guide yourself.

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Curing our kidneys may be hard to believe because being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, doctors and modern medicine tell us that we can’t heal our kidneys and according to them, it will surely get worse over time. I know it because this is definitely what my doctor advised me and what I can only do is to try to prolong the inevitable. I’ve gone through all the medical tests from blood, urine, ultrasound, biopsy and DMSA scan. You can imagine the stress that caused me! Reading this book was like breathing fresh air for the first time because it gave me hope knowing that I have a chance to heal my kidneys and much more than that. This is because Duncan Capicchiano’ book understands that patients with impaired kidneys want a normal and better yet, an improved quality of life and he helps us to achieve just that in this book.

What exactly is Duncan Capicchiano “the kidney disease solution” guides?

“The Kidney Disease Solution” is a detailed guide that will show you step by step process of restoring your kidney and living a healthy happy life. In the guide Duncan will presents from the basics of kidney including type, symptoms and causes of chronic kidney disease and acute kidney failure to the most important of all regaining your kidney thru proper diet and lifestyle or what he called “The Kidney Disease Solution”.

Duncan does a great job in showing exactly how to apply this technique in “Real Life Situations” especially when and how to most effectively use it. Each step is clearly explained and you will be able to benefit from it.

For example he mentions about “Treat Your Cause & Symptoms” Is your kidney disease caused by diabetes? If so, treat accordingly. He advised the best Nutrition to treat your disease like Alpha Lipoic Acid and further provides the lists of food sources.

Further, he explains clearly about the difference between western versus the natural way of treatment. This reminded me of my Dad, few years back before he underwent into dialysis treatment. My dad used to drink different types of herbs hoping to treat his kidney insufficiency which unfortunately damaged his kidneys. Here he explains the proper way of doing the natural way which is very easy to understand and follow.

After doing my own research to treat myself, I can honestly say that Duncan did an excellent job in explaining and simplifying every step so that anybody with different type of kidney disease can implement it. The guide is easy to read without medical interpreter, yet its information is very powerful.

This is a review site: Click here to visit Duncan Capicchiano’s The Kidney Disease Solution Official website

What are the Good things about Duncan Capicchiano’s the kidney disease solution? 

Aside from giving a general advice to treat kidney disease, the book also provides instructions specific to your kidney disease symptoms or kidney disease cause because as the author mentions, “you are different to everybody else”.  It also gives the right option to take whatever level or stage of kidney disease you have. From Stage 1 or even if you are already undergoing dialysis treatment and diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), this guide considers your needs. The Kidney Repair Tools and Kidney Treatment Plan mentioned are understandable and achievable. This Good News comes in a simple package!

Personally speaking, I would even follow the kidney disease diet as I find it not as awful as I expected it to be, in fact, it sounded delicious. The recommended way to drink water was another eye opener as well. I also appreciate the way it suggested links and sources to avail the suggested solutions to restore kidney function.

And what are the Bad things about Duncan Capicchiano’s the kidney disease solution?

I could not say that this is the perfect book as I have not found one so far. There will always be pros and cons. In Duncan Capicchiano’s book, it provides advice and treatments for numerous cause of kidney disease and various impaired kidney symptoms that may not be applicable to some readers so it may be needed to skip through some pages especially if you only have the minor signs of chronic kidney disease.

Overall, what do you think?

This book, The Kidney Disease Solution, is definitely true to its name as it is an in depth step by step guide on treating and restoring kidney disease. My case maybe different from yours but considering all the medical costs and treatments for this disease, especially if you have chronic kidney disease, this book is definitely worth it.

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Chronic Kidney Disease and Your Loved Ones

by Irene on July 10, 2012

When my nephrologist told me that I have impaired kidneys, I tried hard to control myself. I thought of my dad who underwent kidney hemodialysis. Instantly, I had a million questions. I am only 30 years old, how many years will I have left if I have kidney disease? I do not have any kidney disease symptoms or signs of renal insufficiency. Is there a kidney disease solution? How will this affect my family or my love ones?

Having impaired kidney function or chronic kidney disease does not only affect the person who has it but it also affects his loved ones, in many ways. It has a physical, emotional and financial impact on the whole family.

Kidney disease takes a toll on the family physically. My mother and mother in law took care of their husbands full time. My mother in law even resigned from her job as a teacher because my father in law had to go to the hospital three times a week or more for treatment of kidney disease. A dialysis session could last 4-5 hours and his schedule could be as early as 6 in the morning to late at night. In my father’s case, more time is sometimes required as he went to a government nephrology hospital and there are a lot of kidney patients on queue. You can imagine the time and effort required to take them to and from the hospital. Everyone in the family has to coordinate their schedules to fit the dialysis treatments. There is also a proper kidney disease diet to be followed which in a way influences how the whole family should eat. But with proper time management and support, kidney treatments and living a life with kidney disease can run smoothly and stress free (or lesser stress at least).

Having a member of the family with end-stage kidney disease was as an emotional rollercoaster ride for all of us. We went through the various stages from denial, to crying modes and finally acceptance. With proper awareness of the nature of kidney insufficiency and the possibility to restore kidney function or cure kidney disease with this book, we now look forward to a better future.

It is undeniable that having a kidney disease from kidney stones to chronic renal disease is expensive. You are fortunate if your health care provider covers nephrology treatments. My husband (boyfriend back then) and I decided to move to a metropolitan city to look for better paying jobs and earn enough to pay for our parents’ treatments for kidney problems. However, as they say, there is always a reason for everything. Having both fathers undergoing dialysis is probably a sign from the heavens that we are meant for each other! We found good paying jobs, got married, found great friends and started our new family in this new city away from home.

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Common Kidney Symptoms and Treatment Plan

by Irene on February 24, 2012

I highlighted these topics for two reasons. First, kidney disease symptoms always left unnoticed until your body can no longer cope. It’s scary, but true. In my case, I went to the hospital because I had difficulty breathing after a stressful month-end at work. Because of the routine blood test, I found out my creatinine level was high and was eventually diagnosed with having chronic kidney disease. I still consider myself fortunate because I got my kidney analyzed at an early age and took control of my unhealthy lifestyle. I highly encourage you to have routine health check-up including kidney analysis tests especially if you are in your late age or have a family history.

Second, I want to encourage patients to find a kidney treatment plan. Though doctors tell us we can’t restore kidney function or cure kidney disease, we can’t simply resign to hopelessness. We can take control of this chronic renal disease instead of being victims. Duncan Capicchiano’s Kidney Disease Solution offers us this alternative route.

This is a review site: Click here to visit Duncan Capicchiano’s The Kidney Disease Solution Official website

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Kidney Diet – Low in Salt and Fat

by Irene on January 13, 2015

Low in Salt and Fat

Eating healthy can help prevent or control diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease.  A healthy diet has a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean meats and beans.  Even small changes like limiting salt (sodium) and fat, can make a big difference in your health.

Limit salt

  • Do not add salt to your food when cooking or eating.  Try cooking with fresh herbs, lemon juice or other spices.
  • Choose fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables.  If you do use canned vegetables, rinse them before eating or cooking with them to remove extra salt.
  • Shop for items that say “reduced-sodium” or “low-sodium.”
  • Avoid processed foods like frozen dinners and lunch meats.
  • Limit fast food and salty snacks, like chips, pretzels and salted nuts.

Limit fat

  • Choose lean meats or fish.  Remove the skin and trim the fat off your meats before you cook them.
  • Bake, grill or broil your foods instead of frying them.
  • Shop for fat-free and low-fat dairy products, salad dressing and mayonnaise.
  • Try olive oil or canola oil instead of vegetable oil.
  • Choose egg whites or egg substitute rather than whole eggs.

Choosing healthy foods is a great start, but eating too much of healthy foods can also be a problem.  The other part of a healthy diet is portion control (watching how much you eat).  To help control your portions, you might:

  • Eat slowly and stop eating when you are not hungry anymore.  It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full.
  • Check nutrition facts to learn the true serving size of a food.  For example, a 20-ounce bottle of soda is really two and a half servings.
  • Do not eat directly from the bag or box.  Take out one serving and put the box or bag away.
  • Avoid eating when watching TV or driving.
  • Be mindful of your portions even when you do not have a measuring cup, spoon or scale.

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Be physically active

Exercise can help you stay healthy.  To get the most benefit, exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 days of the week.  If that seems like too much, start out slow and work your way up.  Look for fun activities that you enjoy.  Try walking with a friend, dancing, swimming or playing a sport.  Adding just a little more activity to your routine can help.  Exercise can also help relieve stress, another common cause of high blood pressure.

Keep a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight can help you manage your blood sugar, control your blood pressure, and lower your risk for kidney disease.  Being overweight puts you more at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure.  Talk to your doctor about how much you should weigh.  If you are overweight, losing just a few pounds can make a big difference.

Control your cholesterol

Having high cholesterol, especially if you have diabetes, puts you more at risk for kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.  It can also cause diabetic kidney disease to get worse faster.

For most people, normal cholesterol levels are:

  • Total Cholesterol: Less than 200
  • HDL (“good” cholesterol): More than 40
  • LDL (“bad” cholesterol): Less than 100

Your triglycerides are also important.  People with high triglycerides are more at risk for kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.  For most people, a healthy triglyceride level is less than 150.

If your total cholesterol, LDL or triglycerides are high, or if your HDL is low, talk to your doctor.  Your doctor may suggest exercise, diet changes or medicines to help you get to a healthy cholesterol level.

Take medicines as directed

To help protect your kidneys, take medicines as directed.

Some medicines may help you manage conditions that can damage your kidneys, like diabetes or high blood pressure.  Ask your doctor how to take any medicines he or she prescribes.  Make sure to take the medicines just how your doctor tells you.  This may mean taking some medicines, like blood pressure medicines, even when you feel fine.

Other medicines can harm your kidneys if you take them too much.  For example, even over-the-counter pain medicines can damage your kidneys over time.  Follow the label directions for any medicines you take.  Share with your doctor a list of all of your medicines (even over-the-counter medicines and vitamins) to help make sure that you are not taking anything that may harm your kidneys.

Limit alcohol

Drinking alcohol in large amounts can cause your blood pressure to rise.  Limiting how much alcohol you drink can help you keep a healthy blood pressure.  Have no more than two drinks per day if you’re a man and no more than one drink per day if you’re a woman.

Avoid tobacco

Using tobacco (smoking or chewing) puts you more at risk for high blood pressure, kidney disease and many other health problems.  If you already have kidney disease, using tobacco can make it get worse faster.

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Tips To A Perfect Kidney Diet

by Irene on May 31, 2014

In today’s society, there are more and more people every day who are concerned for their health. Back in the past, many people didn’t care about this and simply lived like it was their last day on Earth. Nowadays, we are all working on the same goal. This is to be fit and not have to worry about anything. One thing that we need to always be worrying about is our kidneys. With the right diet, you are going to be able to have a healthy and working kidney.

What Is In A Kidney Diet?

Focusing on Calories in a kidney diet is important. We all need calories because of the fact that they come from protein, carbohydrates, and fat. When you are on a kidney diet, you’re going to be required to lower the calorie count that you take in on a daily basis. This is going to be one of the most trying endeavors, but in the end you are going to be grateful that you did it.

The pefect kidney diet is not simply cutting down on calories though. You have to make sure that you are taking in the right calories. If you are looking for low-protein foods, you’re going to want to concentrate on bread, fruits, vegetables and rice/pasta. If you are looking for the higher-protein foods, you are going to want to focus on meat, poultry, fish and eggs. One misconception on dieting is that you are allowed to eat as much of fruits and vegetables you want. This concept is wrong and many have failed on their diet for this same notion.

In the end, you will have to plan out your meal plans. Getting the right structure is going to help with your balance and you will be able to find the right middle ground with your diet. If ever you feel that you can’t do it, think of your kidneys and how bad it will be for you if they got separated. Always check with your primary care physician before starting any new medication.   Click here visit Kidney Disease Solution Review

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Pointers in Having a Kidney Disease Diet

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Kidney Stone Diet for Patient

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